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A new Nora video coming soon…

My personal assistant, Burnell, is hard at work on editing down hours of new footage of me at the piano. Well, he calls it being hard at work, anyway. Personally, I think the hard part was me sitting at the piano and improvising all those cool new licks. I guess I do make it look pretty easy.

So, for all those folks who’ve written and commented that they’d like to see another Nora video, the wait is almost over.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

In the two years since my first video hit YouTube and cat-apaulted me to international fame, I have received emails from all over the world (just got one from France yesterday) and even some snail mail from fans, like this Halloween card from Anne. I’ve also received drawings of me, poems, and even a song or two inspired by my antics on my instrument of choice. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll put it all together in a little book. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Anyway, if anyone else out there would like to drop me a line I can be reached at or via the US Post Office at Nora The Piano Cat, 2301 Naudain Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146. Hope to hear from you.

Time for a snooze…

For those times when nothing but a cat nap will do, I find that no place is better than Betsy’s guitar case, even when it means sleeping on top of notebooks and sheet music. Betsy’s case has such a fine plush interior and so many curves and pillowy areas, that I could spend hours snoozing comfortably. Unfortunately, Betsy is very good about putting her guitar away after playing it or after a lesson, so I usually only get an hour or so, tops. Then it’s off to one of my other hideaways, like the cabinet where the yoga mats are stored or in the clothes hamper. Hmmm. Makes me sleepy just thinking about it. You can click the thumbnail if you want to see a larger version.

Eleanor Day completes new painting of me at the piano…

Nora with new painting by Eleanor Day The artist Eleanor Day recently completed a wonderful portrait of me at the piano. She also painted a portrait of Burnell and Betsy that inlcudes yours truly and most of the other Cats of Raven’s Wing – Rennie wasn’t born yet, so he didn’t make it into that painting. Anyway, you can see a larger view of me posing with the new painting by clicking on the thumbnail.

And you can check out more of Eleanor’s wonderful work on her website at

Morning photoshoot…

Nora01_6.26.08If you’re like me, you love the camera. And I think it was Lauren Bacall who said that if you love the camera, the camera will love you. Well, if it’s one thing I have heard from the various photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, who’ve had the pleasure of photographing me, it’s that they’ve never met a cat who was so comfortable in front of the lense. Why not? I say. I mean, look at me! What beauty! What grace! Hmm…perhaps it was Grace Kelly who said that thing about loving the camera. Anyway, I’ve said it now. And you can quote me.

So, to get to the point of this post, my personal assistant, Burnell, took a couple of hundred shots of me at the piano this morning – some playing, some simply looking gorgeous (like this one). Click thumbnail to see larger image.

Notre Dame's "The Nora Trio"…

According to South Bend Tribune staff writer Andrew S. Hughes, pianist Nicholas Shaneyfelt, violinist Audrey Marier and cellist Monica Regnier – collectively known as The Nora Trio – took their name from yours truly. How cool is that? (Click thumbnail to view larger image – Tribune photo/Santiago Flores)

“If you go on YouTube and type in ‘Nora,’ you’ll see a piano-playing cat,” Shaneyfelt says. “That’s how we got our name. I think we tried to make it sound more academic by finding the origin of ‘Nora,’ which is ‘bright one.’ ”

Hmmm. Bright one, eh? I like the way that sounds.

You can read the article HERE.

Adopt A Shelter Cat…

As many of you may know, I was adopted from an animal shelter. My humans, Burnell and Betsy, and I are very concerned about the plight of cats in shelters around the world. So, if you’re looking to adopt a cat or cats, please check the animal shelters near you. I’m certainly glad that Burnell and Betsy did. And while not all cats can play the piano like me, we all need a loving home. In fact, Burnell created a new 11″ x 17″ poster of me saying exactly that! It’s the “Adopt A Shelter Cat” poster, and you can get one for yourself from my store by clicking HERE.

You can see the larger version by clicking the thumbnail.