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Humane Society Recognizes True Purr-Sonality…

The Cult of Purr-Sonality ArticleIf you, my friend, are a member of the Humane Society (and you certainly should be), please be sure to check Anna Cohen’s wonderful article in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of the member’s magazine, All Animals. It’s titled “The Cult of Purr-sonaity” and features a five of the most charismatic felines on the Internet today. And, of course, I’m one of them. That kind of goes without saying. I’m just sayin’.

Not a member yet! You can also check it out online at

Till next time,
Love, Nora

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I’m Gonna Be In ASTROgirl! Magazine…

AstroGIRLASTROgirl! Magazine is an astrology-based celebrity teen magazine published by Bauer Publishing. I bet a lot of my teenage fans are loyal readers. Well, in their upcoming issue (due out in December, 2012) there is an article on the “World’s Most Talented Pets.” And, you guessed it! I’m one of them. Of course, I’m also a celebrity, and that’s probably the real reason they wanted to include me. 🙂 Keep an eye out for the magazine. I know I will. They also publish Twist Magazine.

New York Magazine References the Piano Cat…

Nora New York Magazine 11.28.11While visiting New York City today, B&B were surprised to find that the November 28th issue of New York magazine referenced yours truly (twice) in a short piece about cat humor. Funny how some folks just can’t take a piano-playing cat seriously. Perhaps if I stood up and told a joke, they’d write about my immense and remarkable talent on the ivories. So, a cat, a mouse, and a goldfish walk into a bar….

(Click thumbnail to view larger image.)

The Nora Magazine: Promise of the Future?

The Nora MagazineWhat you see above is strictly a parody of an Oprah magazine cover. Burnell created it to amuse himself. He loves to do that. But it got me to thinking: gee, if it’s good enough for Oprah, then why not? I mean, I’ve got plenty to say, and I am an internationally known media star, not unlike Oprah. And let’s face it, there are just so many things to write about that interest cats and the people that love them. So, who knows? Perhaps the world is ready for a cat-centric magazine written by and for cats with the world’s greatest feline diva at the helm. Hmmm?

Textbook Publisher to Use image of Moi…

Sviesa, a publisher of textbooks for school children in Lithuania (remember CATcerto and composer Mindaugas Piecaitis – he’s from Lithuania), is using a photograph of yours truly in an upcoming book on music titled The Labyrinth of Music. It’s intended for students in the 5th form in secondary school. So, I would love to hear from any of my student fans in Lithuania. Let me know when the book is published, and be sure to let me know how you like the photo.

National Geographic Junior Magazine…

The Dutch version of National Geographic Junior magazine for February of 2010 just ran a photo of me with a bit of text. Since I don’t speak the language (nor do either of my, otherwise quite talented, personal assistants), I’m putting the call out to any of my Dutch fans for a translation, or even just a brief synopsis.

The image and text is below, and here’s a link to the online version:

Thanks for reading my new book…

Nora's Guide to Becoming a Good Musician.To all my beloved friends and fans – thank you so very much for your kind comments and feedback. I am so glad you are enjoying reading my book “Nora the Piano Cat’s Guide to Becoming a Good Musician: Or How to Get Good at Anything Hard.

It is gratifying to know that in my own humble way I have been able to help so many of you discover your own inner potential to do great things. And yes, the only way you can order this book right now is on (or you can visit me in Philadelphia to buy it from my personal assistants Betsy and Burnell).

As always, I appreciate hearing from all of you!

Pianist Magazine Aug/Sept Issue, Page 63…

Pianist Magazine LogoPianist Magazine CoverWhat does Lang Lang and yours truly, Nora The Piano Cat™ have in common – other than that we both play the piano? Well, we’re both mentioned in a recent article by John Robert Brown in Pianist Magazine. The article is Why I Love YouTube. And while I’m only mentioned briefly in the subheading and in the next to last paragraph (where I am described as lovley), I am very pleased to be pictured along with the likes of Gregory Sokolov, Lang Lang and others. What an honor! Thanks JRB.

You can download a PDF of the article (with photos) by clicking the Pianist Magazine thumbnail to the right.

Moggy Maestro…

Your Cat Magazine - Aug. 08

Britain’s best-selling cat magazine Your Cat has just published another wonderful article on me by author Angela Lowe. It’s the August 2008 issue, page 16. Thanks Angela!

And guess what? They have ten copies of my new book Nora The Piano Cat’s Guide to Becomming a Good Musician, and are giving them away as prizes in a drawing (details on page 12 of the magazine).

If you’re not in Britain, you can download a pdf (636K) of the article.