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The Nora Magazine: Promise of the Future?

The Nora MagazineWhat you see above is strictly a parody of an Oprah magazine cover. Burnell created it to amuse himself. He loves to do that. But it got me to thinking: gee, if it’s good enough for Oprah, then why not? I mean, I’ve got plenty to say, and I am an internationally known media star, not unlike Oprah. And let’s face it, there are just so many things to write about that interest cats and the people that love them. So, who knows? Perhaps the world is ready for a cat-centric magazine written by and for cats with the world’s greatest feline diva at the helm. Hmmm?

Purr-etry Contest Winners Chosen…

Purretry Contest BannerBelow are the winners by category. If you’d like to read the winning entries, you may download a pdf (160 K) by clicking HERE. To open and read a pdf document, you will need Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free download from

Category – 19 years old & up, Rhyming:

First Place – Sarah L. Gordon – In Praise of the Piano Cat
Second Place – Juliet Staveley – The Feline Phenomenon from Philly
Third Place (tie) – Karen Batesole – Nora’s Gift and Rosemary Gilbert – Nora’s Message

Category – 19 years old & up, Non-rhyming:

First Place – Carlos Silva – In the Quiet Corner of a Steel Cage
Second Place – Cindy Ward – Of Summer
Third Place – Sue Norton – Cute Adorable Nora

Category – 13-18 years old:

First Place – Krissy Hamilton – Music is Life
Second Place – Wyatt Counterman – Nora Limerick
Third Place – Sarah Butler –It’s Just that Cat

Category – 9-12 years old:

First Place – Chelsea Carrington – Nora the Piano-Playing Cat
Second Place – Elizabeth Sullivan – Music
Third Place – Davey Hiester – Piano!

Category – up to 8 years old:

First Place – Emely Jimenez – Untitled
Second Place – Anna Grace Rosenthal – Untitled
Third Place – Maggie Mota – Nora the Great Piano Cat

Category – Best Haiku:

First Place – Rachel Ward – Nora
Second Place – Carolyn Clink – Untitled
Third Place – Elizabeth Core – Paws, Pause

Category – Best Limerick

First Place – Lynne Campbell – Untitled
Second Place – Elizabeth Core – Imagining Lear’s Take on Nora

Max’s Triumphant Return…

Max With StitchesMax returned home from the vet yesterday with a little less fur and a few less teeth. But you wouldn’t know it judging from his behavior. He’s as rambunctious as ever. He even hissed and growled at me when I attempted to avail myself of a bite of his food. Nothing’s changed there. I do like his haircut, though. Makes him look like a punk. Oh my, did I say that? The stitches come out in two weeks.

And thank you for all your kind purrs and thoughts.

Max Goes Under the Knife…

MaxThat’s Max on the left. It’s no secret that he and I have never gotten along. But he is a member of my family, and B&B love him just as much as the rest of us, so for the next week or so I will be adopting an attitude of tolerance toward brother Max. That should give him plenty of time to fully recover from his upcoming surgery. You see, on Wednesday the 17th he’ll be having a benign growth removed from his neck, as well as having an infected tooth pulled. I’ve been to the vet, so I sort of know what he must going through. I wish him all the best. Please send him your purrs. Who knows, perhaps this event will give him a new perspective on life, and by life I mean me.

The Look…

The LookWe all have one, right? That look that says it all. It might be a look of love, or a look of fear, or a look of satisfaction (smug or otherwise). The list is long.

Well, this is my look when someone besides Betsy is sitting on my piano bench in front of my piano. That someone is Betsy’s adult student, Ronnie. For some reason she seems to prefer my piano when she comes for a lesson. The Briggs piano is a fine piano, but she always chooses my shiny, black Yamaha. Admittedly, she has good taste. I’ll give her that.

So I sit staring at her for her entire lesson every week, waiting for that inevitable moment when she checks her watch, closes her sheet music (I don’t need sheet music, by the way), and then gets up, bows and pushes the bench in closer to accommodate my reach. It is a humble gesture on her part, as though she suddenly realizes her mistake and seeks to reaffirm that I am, indeed, the only true diva in the room. Being as much a lady as a queen, I take my throne without further recriminations. My look softens as I place my paws on the keys and stare lovingly at my reflection in the shiny, black finish of my piano.

Mindaugas + Nora = Guinness World Records…

Mindaugas, Nora The Piano, and Guinness World RecordsLithuanian composer and conductor Mindaugas Piečaitis discovers the YouTube videos of me playing the piano and becomes inspired to write a concerto based on my playing. He then contacts my personal assistants, Burnell & Betsy, and the rest is history. CATcerto is born and performed in Lithuania, the UK and the USA. The piece is performed by live chamber orchestra with me appearing as guest soloist via pre-recorded video projected onto a large screen behind the other musicians.

Next, the folks over at the Guinness World Records office get wind of it and decide to grant the award to Piečaitis for the world’s first ever concerto written for a cat. Look for it in GWR book for 2012, published in September of 2011. How cool it that?