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Draw or paint a picture of Nora and send a photo or a scanned image of it (if you don’t want to part with the original) to We’ll share it with all of Nora’s friends and fans right here on her website.  And keep in mind that by sending us an image, you are giving Nora permission to share it. Please include your name and age.

Click a thumbnail below to see artwork by other fans and friends of Nora The Piano Cat™.


  1. kathryn


  2. Kevin

    Oh my goodness..these really made me smile! Nora..dear Nora…what a very popular girl you are! Who would have thought you’d be seen all around the world when you came to your human friends. Keep sharing these drawings with us! Kevin from Australia. Have you thought about a cd of the concerto performance? I think it would sell like hotcakes! Oh..sorrry, FISHcakes!

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