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RE: CATcerto
“In this convoluted world we know today, Nora brings us to a place and time of innocence and purity where every being has a right to be. Thank you Nora, for sharing your tune with us and thank you all who made that possible.”
Ana Gabrielle Rojas – San Jose, Costa Rica

“Nora’s video was sent to me tonight and I can tell you that this is the best cat link I’ve received in my 9 years online. I can not describe the joy I felt watching Nora move about as she played her masterpiece. I loved it! Down to the look on her adorable face. You have one heck of a cat. I wish she was mine! Will pass your url to many. Thank you for making me smile.”
From Diane (March 21, 2007):

“I want to thank you so much for posting this adorable video. I live in New Orleans and, not to be over dramatic, but things can be rough here still. I watch your little kitty and it gives me a much needed chuckle. Thanks again!”

“Fascinating. I’m very intrigued by Nora’s positioning, particularly her head on the adjacent keys. She seems to accept vibrational input as well as the obviously auditory sensation from her playing. It would appear that Nora’s consistency in hitting beats demonstrates a possible rhythmic ability that has yet to be fully studied. More?”

“Hi Nora! You are SO talented. My name is Grace. I live in Seattle, WA and I look a lot like you. I am 3 1/2 years old and I can SING!! Wish we could get together and make some purrfect mewsic.”
Grace the Singer – Seattle, WA

“I love this video! Nora is so cute! As for one of the comments about cats not having feeling, well if you own one you will see that they are their own kind of individual and most certainly do show love and the likes for music, tv, etc. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that a cat cannot think like us. They most certainly can!”

“I like what you’ve got going there Nora but the thing is you’re not really gonna get very far with that one-or-two-notes-per-paw technique. I don’t care how many times you add to it by putting your face on the keys – you gotta master some chords and bust a melody or two over the top of em. Work it up till you’ve got some kinda rhythm going in that left paw, believe me you’l notice the difference.”

AMAZING!! such a beautiful cat. I am happy for her. she tries to move her body into the correct positions to make noise. I see her trying to find the right frequencies to match the sounds she hears. She almost gets in the right key to play in.

I know that cats learn by observation, but Nora’s skills are truly awesome. Our cats have always walked on the keys and crouched like vultures atop the piano, but apparently declined to take instruction. LOL. I just love these Nora the Piano Virtuoso videos: thank you so much! 😀

Wow! I am an opera singer, and there is nothing like it when my kitty sings with me…what a special bond! It is amazing how Nora truly watches the other pianist and tries to match! YAY!

I think Nora is such a be beautiful cat. She is a class act Cat. So keep up the good work in playing that piano of yours. I hope to teach my cats to do something special. You have two wonderful loving people who care a great deal for you. Great Big Meow hug to them and you Nora.

Nora the cat certainly is part of the family she lives with. She feels so loved end cared for by her owners that she felt free to play their piano. Then she enjoyed it so much and she was so encoraged that playng their piano now is like having fun with them!! I loved watching it. I loved Nora!

She seems to have a good sense of timing and TUNING. I’m glad you put this other video, up now it’s easier to see how she interacts with your students and with the piano. She seems to dislike chunky chords (she was laying her ears back at you, lol!) – perhaps your duet would have gone longer if you had limited yourself to playing less complex sounds.

Nora is absolutely gorgeous and adorable! She is very sweet and very special. I love the way you put together the video with the Intermission and the duet, etc. Very clever and cute! I look forward to more videos of Nora. Give her a little hug from a “fan” and cat lover. 🙂 She’s awesome!

I just about wept with joy when I heard there was a sequel to the first video. Nora looks like she’s been hitting the chow bag kind of hard, though. She’s packed on quite a few since her debut performance.

Nora and her piano playing are so priceless! I loved hearing her little voice and purrs in this video, sounds a lot like my kitty Luna. Musically, I thought the “call and response” towards the end worked. The human performer was making music that reflected what Nora was playing, and one can only assume she was responding in kind.