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  1. Molly

    Hello Nora, i am a european shorthair cat and 14 jears old. I look sonnday`s with my mum and dad Vox of television – and we have seen you. You are very pretty and you play soo good piano – gratulations from germany! Have you an CD with your piano-music? I liked to by your music.

    So, my dear Nora – sleep very well and much greetings from the little town in germany in the “Ruhrgebiet” Kettwig.

    Molly and family

  2. Nena

    sup Nora,
    I am a light gray tabby with a white bib, 1 1/2. My owner says I look like you. Your music is so relaxing ,I took a long nap! Peace out!
    -Nena and friends

  3. Bui Giang

    Hi Nora, I hope you will be more successful and more .beautiful.
    Have good health and have a happy life with your family.
    I love you so much.

  4. Chad colton Newman

    Oh suuchh beautiful music you have OH I FORGOTTEN TOO INRODUCE MYSELF!my name is kimba a white cat I REALLY WANT TO PLAY MUSIC!anyways I LIVE in Willis in the country LOVE YA!
    Love kimba,Chad,Lisa ,Scott,and the whole Newman family

  5. Isaac Malitz

    Hi Nora,

    Do you think it is difficult for children to learn to read music? At least of the level of being able to listen to a tune and then “follow along” in a printed score. Some people tell me this is difficult, I think it is really quite easy. What do you think?

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