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  1. kaylee

    nora is the coolest cat in the world the best i whish i could meet you you are the sweetest cat ever you are amazing i like you so much you are the best cat i had ever seen you are cool and sweet i think you are nice and the best ever i whish i had acat like you that would be cool you are the best cat in the world i like you more than a popstar youare cool

  2. Nora

    This is so cool. A famous KITTY has my name :).

    I wish my kitty was like you Nora. But no, all he does is sit around and sleep :(. I still love him though!

  3. Mark

    I’m sure it has been said many times but sweet Nora you are just Purrrfect!

    I just recently saw you on TV and was totally smitten by this kitten 🙂

  4. chelsea

    hi betsy,burnell and nora
    i would like to dearly thank you for my gifts i got sent i received them earkier this fine morning! i would also like to say
    my love is sent from my heart and keep goin at hte piano u rock
    p.s ur so cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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