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Nora Musical Wall Calendar from Avalanche…

The year is 2010. The Nora The Piano Cat™ musical wall calendar is all the rage. It’s the talk of the town from the streets of Manhattan to the canals of Venice. People of all ages – regardless of race, creed, or preferred tabby pattern – are pressing the calendar’s button to hear yours truly tinkling the ivories. Sound like a fevered feline fantasy? Not anymore!

Avalanche Publishing is bringing the dream to life for 2010. I know that sounds like forever, but trust me, when you have nine lives the way I do, why that’s practically around the corner. So keep an eye out and an ear cocked. It’ll be available in the fall of 2009.

Note: “Avalanche Publishing was founded in 1990 and is known today as one of the leading calendar publishers in the United States. Avalanche is perhaps best known for a creative, unique line of calendars known as “Off the Wall” calendars that surpass the standard wall calendar both in innovation and function.” (Excerpted from