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CATcerto Performed at Washington College…

Last night, June 16th, 2012, Richard Rosenberg conducted CATcerto by Mindaugas Piecaitis at the closing of this years National Music Festival in Chestertown, MD. As you know, CATcerto was written especially for me, and I appear via video on a large screen above my human collaborators. The piece has been performed over 17 times by orchestras around the world. Maestro Rosenberg has, himself, conducted the work four times. What makes last nights performance especially significant for me is that my personal assistants, Burnell and Betsy, were able to attend the concert on my behalf. I don’t travel well, so I tend to stay home. It was a fantastic experience for them both, as this was the first time they had seen it performed live. They also got to meet the conductor afterwards. I am told he is not only a big fan of CATcerto as a musical work, but also is quite a fan of yours truly. And he’s a real animal lover who, along with his wife, Caitlin Patton, has rescued a number of other very lucky dogs and cats. Here’s a photo of the Maestro with Betsy taken by Burnell. Other photos were taken by another photographer, and as soon as I get copies of those, I’ll post them.

Conductor Richard Rosenberg & Betsy Alexander

I'm on the Tyra Banks Show on September 17th…

That’s right! On Wednesday, September 17th, I will be making a rare appearance on the Tyra Banks Show. How rare is it? Well, it will be the first time I have ever traveled to anywhere but the vet’s office. And although I didn’t mind the applause, the cameras and the bright lights, I didn’t care for the trip to and from Philadelphia. So, it’s unlikely that you’ll see me anywhere else. There was no piano, but I did sit nicely next to my human, Betsy Alexander, while she answered all the questions. Isn’t it nice to have a spokesperson? I think so.

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