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Brand New "Nora" Design in the Shop…

T-ShirtNew Design based on one of the most popular photographs of yours truly, taken by my human Burnell Yow! The image (#n0005) has been rendered as a black and white line drawing, and the background has been dropped out, allowing the background color of the T-shirt to show behind my head. I love it! And you might, too. You can order it in a variety of colors in both men’s, women’s, and children’s styles. Or even get a great canvas tote or messenger bag with the image. Click thumbnail to view larger image.

It’s available now. Order yours today. Click HERE to learn more.

Purrs in Cat Fancy Magazine, September 2008…

Don’t miss this wonderful article titled Purrs in the Key of Life in the September 2008 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine. Author Anne Leighton writes “Nora the cat is a modern day equivalent of 1950s TV star Lassie the dog….” Now, I may never have saved Betsy from the bottom of a well the way Lassie saved Timmy, but I am honored by the comparison. Woof! 🙂

You can download a pdf (616K) of the article.

Nora Musical Wall Calendar from Avalanche…

The year is 2010. The Nora The Piano Cat™ musical wall calendar is all the rage. It’s the talk of the town from the streets of Manhattan to the canals of Venice. People of all ages – regardless of race, creed, or preferred tabby pattern – are pressing the calendar’s button to hear yours truly tinkling the ivories. Sound like a fevered feline fantasy? Not anymore!

Avalanche Publishing is bringing the dream to life for 2010. I know that sounds like forever, but trust me, when you have nine lives the way I do, why that’s practically around the corner. So keep an eye out and an ear cocked. It’ll be available in the fall of 2009.

Note: “Avalanche Publishing was founded in 1990 and is known today as one of the leading calendar publishers in the United States. Avalanche is perhaps best known for a creative, unique line of calendars known as “Off the Wall” calendars that surpass the standard wall calendar both in innovation and function.” (Excerpted from

Nora in Norway…

Anybody within the sound of my purr read Norwegian? If you do, perhaps you could let me know what writer Nina Rambol wrote about me in the June 2008 issue of Hjemmet Magazine. We got our copy today. I think the pages are very nicely laid out, and Burnell’s photos look great. That’s Nina’s photo on the right. And the first page of the article is on the left. Click the left thumbnail to see a larger image.

You can also download the 212K pdf of the article by clicking HERE. And please do let me know what the article has to say about such a photogenic feline. 🙂

Morning photoshoot…

Nora01_6.26.08If you’re like me, you love the camera. And I think it was Lauren Bacall who said that if you love the camera, the camera will love you. Well, if it’s one thing I have heard from the various photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, who’ve had the pleasure of photographing me, it’s that they’ve never met a cat who was so comfortable in front of the lense. Why not? I say. I mean, look at me! What beauty! What grace! Hmm…perhaps it was Grace Kelly who said that thing about loving the camera. Anyway, I’ve said it now. And you can quote me.

So, to get to the point of this post, my personal assistant, Burnell, took a couple of hundred shots of me at the piano this morning – some playing, some simply looking gorgeous (like this one). Click thumbnail to see larger image.

Licensing Properties to Watch…says

trendcentral logoAs you porbably recall, my licensing agency, Moxie & Company, recently represented me at the International Licensing Expo in New York City. Well, apparently I caught the attention of The Intelligence Group’s According to an article on their website, I am one of five “licensing properties to watch.” You can read the article by clicking HERE. For those who may not know, “…trendcentral®…covers all aspects of trends, including entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, technology, hot spots, and ‘our picks’ in a variety of categories. trendcentral® provides up-to-the-minute commentary on what’s new and noteworthy. Powered by the research, insights, and global trendsetter network of THE INTELLIGENCE GROUP, trendcentral® stays on top of the most interesting and important trends around.” (Quote from

"Extraordinary Animals" episode all about me airs on the BBC…

I’ve just been told by Burnell & Betsy that the "Extraordinary Animals" episode I filmed with the BBC film crew back in March is all set to be aired in the UK tomorrow night. I’m so excited! My many fans in the UK will, of course, get the first glimpse of the 30 minute episode focusing on moi, including their interview with cat behaviorist Beth Adelman. As you may recall from my previous post on the subject, Beth caught the train down from New York City to spend the day with me and those three adorable British fellows – Mike, Simon, and Neil.

But my loyal US fans shouldn’t despair. All 17 episodes of "Extraordinary Animals" will be shown in the US on Animal Planet starting on June 13th. As of right now, I don’t know exactly what date my episode will air, but you can check your TV guide. And I’ll let everyone know as soon as I find out. (Click image to view larger version.)

Notre Dame's "The Nora Trio"…

According to South Bend Tribune staff writer Andrew S. Hughes, pianist Nicholas Shaneyfelt, violinist Audrey Marier and cellist Monica Regnier – collectively known as The Nora Trio – took their name from yours truly. How cool is that? (Click thumbnail to view larger image – Tribune photo/Santiago Flores)

“If you go on YouTube and type in ‘Nora,’ you’ll see a piano-playing cat,” Shaneyfelt says. “That’s how we got our name. I think we tried to make it sound more academic by finding the origin of ‘Nora,’ which is ‘bright one.’ ”

Hmmm. Bright one, eh? I like the way that sounds.

You can read the article HERE.

Adopt A Shelter Cat…

As many of you may know, I was adopted from an animal shelter. My humans, Burnell and Betsy, and I are very concerned about the plight of cats in shelters around the world. So, if you’re looking to adopt a cat or cats, please check the animal shelters near you. I’m certainly glad that Burnell and Betsy did. And while not all cats can play the piano like me, we all need a loving home. In fact, Burnell created a new 11″ x 17″ poster of me saying exactly that! It’s the “Adopt A Shelter Cat” poster, and you can get one for yourself from my store by clicking HERE.

You can see the larger version by clicking the thumbnail.

Feline's A Philly Favorite…

Valerie Williams of Temple University spent a couple of hours with me recently. Mostly she was interviewing Betsy, which is understandable, I guess. Anyway, I was pretty occupied on the piano at the time. Valerie is a writer for TU’s PH Magazine, whose tag line is “Taking philly living to the next level.” Val’s article is called “The Feline Mozart.” And it’s part of a larger article on 3 Philadelphians who’ve become cyber stars – yours truly being one of them. You can download the pdf of the article complete with really cool photo of me with head on the keys taken by photographer Jimmy Giambrone. It’s kind of big download (416K) because of the photo, I guess, but it is pretty cool. Download it HERE.