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Guests Bearing Gifts Are Welcomed by the Diva…

Fat Cat Wine Photo
Next to actually playing the piano, I love most the attention and applause of an appreciative fan. So when Delight St. John-Brainerd from Mechanicsburg, PA emailed my personal assistant, Betsy, a few months ago about the possibility of visiting Philadelphia and meeting yours truly in the fur, I said yes, absolutely! Well, yesterday she arrived with daughter, Fonda Nason. They presented B & B with a bottle of Fat Cat wine. (See photo above.)

Actually, I don’t drink wine, and the photo was taken for publicity only, but I’m so glad they brought it. B & B work so hard, and they deserve something special from time to time. And I think a catnip toy or tuna flakes just don’t quite mean to them what it does to me. Although the greatest treat is simply being able to occasionally meet my fans.

Delight With Nora & MaxFonda & Delight With Nora & MaxWe had a wonderful visit with Delight and her daughter, Fonda. Both of them played along with me (on the other piano, of course), and they also enjoyed meeting my siblings. By the way, if you look at the photos you’ll see my nemesis, Max. He’s the red tabby. And yesterday, he was feeling particularly bold. He had the nerve to sit on one of the chairs at the other piano. Once he even jumped up on my bench with me, but I hissed and let him feel the sting of my paw across his snout. I think Fonda may have gotten a photo of that. Hope it doesn’t end up in the tabloids. And Rennie did his jumping trick. What a show off! (Click thumbnails to view larger image.)

So remember, if you are ever in Philadelphia, drop Burnell or Betsy an email and arrange to meet the one and only Nora The Piano Cat. Wine is optional. ∑:-)