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Morning photoshoot…

Nora01_6.26.08If you’re like me, you love the camera. And I think it was Lauren Bacall who said that if you love the camera, the camera will love you. Well, if it’s one thing I have heard from the various photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, who’ve had the pleasure of photographing me, it’s that they’ve never met a cat who was so comfortable in front of the lense. Why not? I say. I mean, look at me! What beauty! What grace! Hmm…perhaps it was Grace Kelly who said that thing about loving the camera. Anyway, I’ve said it now. And you can quote me.

So, to get to the point of this post, my personal assistant, Burnell, took a couple of hundred shots of me at the piano this morning – some playing, some simply looking gorgeous (like this one). Click thumbnail to see larger image.