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The Diva Entertains Her Fans…

The Croxford/Boller Group

Without admirers, there can be no admired. Right? And today I had the privilege and honor to meet and greet a few more of my devoted fans. (L to R: Milena, Rodanthe, Mark, Aden, Jena – Photo credit: Elise Boller.)

And if there’s any question as to what or whom they are delightedly watching, wonder no more. It was me, of course. I played. They laughed and applauded, and I played some more. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Aden Presents Artwork

Well, actually, the highlight of the visit for me was when 5 1/2 year old Aden presented me with two wonderful drawings she did of me. In this photo, Elise caught me just turning around to look at them.

Nora By Aden

Aren’t they fantastic? I really love it when my fans send me pictures they drew of me. Thank you so much, Aden. And thank you, Elise, for taking such wonderful photos. And speaking of those photos, here’s one that Elise took after my sibling, Max, jumped up on the chair in front of the other piano. As you can see, I am doing my best to ignore him.

Nora & Max By Elise Boller


Guest Blogger – Burnell Yow!

Burnell Yow!Hi. My name is Burnell and I share the honor with my wife, Betsy, of being a personal assistant to Nora The Piano Cat. In addition to being Nora’s chief videographer and photographer, I also maintain her website/blog, her store, and her Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as provide materials to members of the press and, on occasion, allow myself to be interviewed. Oh, and I am also in charge of feeding not only Nora, but Max, Gabby, Rennie, Clara, Ellie and Jenny. Which leads me to the last and least glamorous of my many tasks in the service of the Diva – changing and scooping the litter.

Cat Attract LitterI’ve tried a number of different brands of litter over the years and they all work to one degree or another. Some, however, just don’t quite live up to their claims – especially the claim of being 99% dust free, which is very important to me since I have seven and sometimes eight litter boxes to scoop (four of them being in the computer room). I used to have to use eyedrops after scooping, and a fine layer of gray dust would end up on everything. But not anymore. Several months ago I discovered Dr. Elseys’s Cat Attract litter. And I must say it is amazing.  The odor is way down and it is truly 99% dust free. We had also had an issue with one of the cats (certainly not Nora) peeing outside the box. Well, not any more. I am overjoyed! Cat Attract is more expensive than most of the litters I have tried, but it is well worth every penny.

When Nora asked me to write a guest post on her blog, I doubt that she meant for me to write about her litter. I mean there is so much about her that is amazing and worthy of comment and if she asks me back, I will no doubt get into those other areas. But let’s face it, we all poop (yes, even the Diva) and a good litter can make a good day a great day – especially for the one all hunched over with a scoop in his hand.


Feline reveals how to become a good musician…

Image of Nora's Guide.It’s here! My new book Nora the Piano Cat’s Guide to Becoming a Good Musician is available now from

Following in the wake of The Tao of Nora 2008 Calendar (and inspired by my mentor Betsy Alexander’s teaching philosophy), the new book features sage (and serious) advice on things like picking an instrument, developing your ear, practicing, patience, and more. And it has some pretty cool photos of me taken by mixed media artist Burnell Yow! – who just happens to be my other human (and personal assistant).

This guide is only the first in a series of music-related books to come. So keep that ear cocked for all the latest mews…er…news.

ISBN 978-1438230566
To order from Amazon, click here.

Trade paperback, 5.25″ x 8″, 40 pages. (Click thumbnail to view larger image.)