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The Popular Culture Cat…

Edge City Comic StripAs you know, I have been referenced in the comics before and by such television icons as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, and Ellen Degeneres. I’ve even been the subject of a skit on Conan O’Brien where, I might add, he used a look-alike as a stand-in cat. And I made a brief video appearance on the hit TV show Cougar Town. I’ve also been the answer to a game show question and I’ve ended up in a couple of textbooks. Most recently I was referenced in the syndicated comic strip Edge City by Terry and Patty Leban. I guess you could say that popular culture has welcomed me with open arms.

What’s next? A guest host spot on SNL? Well, since I don’t travel more than a hundred feet from my beloved grand piano, that’s unlikely, but perhaps one day I’ll be offered my own show. I can hear the announcer now: “And here she is, Philly’s Phavorite Pheline: Nora The Piano Cat.” Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

I am purring so loudly right now. Hey, Oprah. How about sharing a cover with yours truly?

Licensing Properties to Watch…says

trendcentral logoAs you porbably recall, my licensing agency, Moxie & Company, recently represented me at the International Licensing Expo in New York City. Well, apparently I caught the attention of The Intelligence Group’s According to an article on their website, I am one of five “licensing properties to watch.” You can read the article by clicking HERE. For those who may not know, “…trendcentral®…covers all aspects of trends, including entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, technology, hot spots, and ‘our picks’ in a variety of categories. trendcentral® provides up-to-the-minute commentary on what’s new and noteworthy. Powered by the research, insights, and global trendsetter network of THE INTELLIGENCE GROUP, trendcentral® stays on top of the most interesting and important trends around.” (Quote from

Licensing International Expo in New York in June…

The licensing agency Burnell & Betsy signed with, Moxie & Company, will be representing me with cool video and a great poster at the Licensing International Expo 2008 in New York at the Jacob Javits Convention Center from June 10-12. If you can make it, stop by the booth (#4725) and introduce yourself to Laura Becker, I guess you’d call her my agent. Betsy will also be there one of the days (not sure which one). I’ll be staying home to practice.

Licensing International Expo 2008
June 10-12, 2008
Jacob Javits Convention Center, NYC

It's official! I'm a catporation…

Carefree NoraYep. My human’s, Burnell and Betsy, have formed the NORA THE PIANO CAT, LLC. I’m not sure exactly what that means. But it sure sounds important. Maybe the "LLC" stands for "lovely, little cat."

I know there’s a book, or even books, in the works, and many other fun creative things to come. It makes me very happy to know my fame can be used to get a message out about music and creativity, and about animal intelligence and adoption.

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