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Nora The Piano Cat™ in “The Sequel”

Whose Piano Is It, Anyway?

CATcerto, composed and conducted by Mindaugas Piečaitis.

For more info on CATcerto:

Nora Slideshow: The Early Years – Before the Piano (Music by Betsy Alexander)

Nora Slideshow: The Middle Years (Music by Betsy Alexander)

Nora Calls the Piano Tuner (Staring Rennie, Nora’s friend)

Nora The Piano Cat: A Holiday Greeting for 2008


  1. Angela

    What an intelligent and talented cat! From watching the videos it seems that she really is interested in the sound she is able to make on the piano. For example, in the one video where she is watching the student when he makes a particular sound on the piano (using several keys at once) she stops and looks over at him. Each time he hits several keys at once she seems to stop and look to see how this is done, presumably so she can create the same or a similar sound.

    It is certainly fortunate that Nora happened to live in a house with a piano. It would’ve been a shame if all her talent had to go to waste.

    I’ve linked to your site from both of my cat sites so that more people can learn about Nora and watch her videos. She is really cute!

  2. Andrea

    I’ve shared my love of your beautiful cat with so many. I especially love her cattitude! While my babies don’t play piano, Nora has inspired me to record more of what they do through the day as they are so precious.

    Thank you for the smiles Nora!

  3. Gabriela

    Hi Nora! greetings from Argentina. You are such an amazing kitty. And you have such an amazing family that encourage you to play and gave you a loving home when you needed. What would be thinking today the person who left you alone on the streets? He/she lost the opportunity to share the life with someone really special…

  4. Kathy Isabell

    Very cool. Saw it 4 the 1st time 2nite (10/10/10) how awesome. Brilliant. Hope it continues 2 b viral. My kitties & doggies were wowed. 🙂

  5. Aaron

    These videos are so cute!!! I would give ten bucks to see nora play for even a minute!!!! Nora is one of the cutest and smartest cats I have ever seen!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😛

  6. Brianna

    I have a cat just like Nora, his name is CJ. CJ has certain places he wont let any other cats go near, like Nora’s piano. His fur is even the same. He has grey and white striped fur, with an M on his forehead. He also has some brown fur here and there on his tummy. He has green eyes like Nora’s too. He is loveable and very heavy too. He weighs thirty pounds!!! 😀

    • Alex

      30 pounds?!? That would be the equivalent of over 400 pounds for a person!

      (I base that off of the story of Otto, who weighed 35 pounds- apparently, the equivalent of a 500-pound man- when he came to a New Jersey animal hospital last year. So I read, he’s been gradually losing weight… good for him.)

  7. Angel

    Hello Nora!
    Normally, I’m not fond of my human’s taste in music, but today I heard the most beautiful sound coming from her computer! When I jumped up to check it out, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to discover that the talented pianist behind the song was a fellow feline! We really are the most awesome creatures, aren’t we? You’ve made an instant fan! Should you ever decide to perform a concert tour, do consider making a stop in East Lansing, Michigan!
    Sincerely, Angel the White

  8. Jewel Heart

    It must be so frustrating for Nora to know what it is that she wants to play but she just doesn’t have the hands for it. She doesn’t let her sense of perfection stop her, she still enjoys playing anyway!! She is the perfect inspiration for any piano student! Keep practicing!
    Bravo Nora.

  9. Happiness in a bottle

    I love the videos. They are very cute, I think Nora is the best piano player I have ever seen! Keep practicing Nora.

  10. Dulce Inès Canales Martìnez

    Hola, mi nombre es DULCE (CANDY) y soy de Mexico City, amo a los gatos y me encanta Nora, es una gatita adorable y talentosa. Me gustarìa tener sus videos en mi E-mail, me los podrìan enviar? please. thanks.

  11. Peanut

    Hey Nora u r awesome! I read about u in a Ranger Rick magizine! I had 2 watch 1 of your video’s! U R the best piano playing cat ever! (U R the only 1 I know of!) Oh Ya Nora can u play any songs?

  12. Alexia

    Hi Nora! I love your songs! You are purrrrrrrrrrrfect! I am 9 years old and I just saw you add on RANGER RICK! I have a 70 Pound Golden Doodle. He would love you! Anyway, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kim

    Nora is a wonderful and talented ambassador for all of the shelter cats out there! With her love of making music, she brings joy to all who know her or at least have seen her performances. Why not visit your local shelter and see who is waiting to come home with you? Who knows, you may find another musical prodigy. And if not, the worst that can happen is you’ll have a warm, purring friend who will love you unconditionally. Sounds like a “win-win” to me!

  14. Alberto

    I hope Nora is OK and live for many years, she is so cute, once one person said me “The music is universal” and that person had reason. Congratulations Nora for your talent and your great humans, only the love of them give to you the opportunity for playing.
    Thanks and take care of Nora please.

  15. Kathleen Brown

    My cat loves this site! She’ll often jump up when I’m working at the computer, and I’ll navigate to Nora, and my Sammy (now 18!) watches while I scratch her ears. Sometimes she looks around the back of the monitor, but I’ve told her Nora’s several hundred miles away… Thanks, this is a lot of fun!

  16. Kirsty

    Thank you for sharing the joy of Nora with the rest of us, how beautiful she is, and what lovely staff she has. May God/ the universe/ source bless and keep you all. Much love to all of you.

  17. Journey

    Nora is so funny! I laughed and laughed as she chased her reflection on the piano top. She seems to really take her music seriously. It’s just fascinating. My gray and black tabby, The Queen of Sheba, is running up and down the hall as Nora plays.

  18. Vif Argent


    I have a cat who was interested in playing the piano when I undertook to play it myself. Then I gave up and my cat’s talents were lost. Maybe she would have been good at it?
    Good luck for your concerts Nora and keep this enthousiasm for music!
    Vif argent

  19. Faye Zheng

    Meow!Your music is purr-fect!I had heared every music you played.=]

  20. Christina

    Hi Nora!
    I’m so happy and proud to see you play the piano! It’s very rare to have a talented pet just like you… keep up the good work ! God bless and more power!

  21. mdk

    Lucky you (and lucky cat). I’m a pianist and my cat is afraid of my fender rhodes. every time i play he hides away behind the sofa (i’m sure i’m not playing that bad!!). May be it’s the sound of the fender rhodes. i tried to show him the keyboard but even with a gentle sound, he’s terrorized.

  22. Workingfromhome

    Isn’t it brilliant when you can be working from home like nora’s owners do and enjoy their pets, as when I worked outside the home I never had much time for cats, then my daughter brought home 2 kittens, and as I was working at home I would feed them and found I liked having the 2 kittens grow up around me. I even took videos of them playing. Its very relaxing to play with Kitty who hits the door chain when she wants to go out. and working from home

  23. Kristen

    wow- a pretty talented feline you have!!! Loved it! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bill Petrie

    Nora is truly an inspiration. I have a piano in my living room and will have my cats Bertram and Ellie listen to Nora and see if the get inspired. Bertram is pretty lazy, but, Ellie might. However, unlike Nora, she seems to be more into Jazz rather than Classical. It is amazing that Nora seems to play the piano at different tones and volumes and reacts to the sounds she has produced. This is unlike some kids who have “tin ears” and do not seem to be able to discern anything, like my friend’s son who has his own rock and roll band. They could use Nora on keyboards.

  25. michelle ann

    Oh my goodness, nora! Youre so adorable and talented! I would love to have a cat just like you! Keep playing and practice, practice, practice!<3333333

  26. Shelly Derbowka

    Ahhhhh, what a beau-ti-ful animal!! Her coat is soo healthy. She is a very smart cat, indeed! I just LOVE cats and wish I could hold Nora and kiss her soft head. Congratulations Nora! You’ve shown the world that animals have intelligence. I can’t wait to get my next cat in the future.

    A Cat Lover

  27. From Nor(w)a(y) to Nora

    Nora is incredible !
    Had a cat in the 1990’s “playing the piano”. She used to walk the keys of our vintage piano now and then, always starting from the right side, always around the mid-tones, she used to stop, staring at us for a moment or two…
    Most of the time, she then jumped down before reaching the lowest bass-notes (she didn’t seem to like them, I tried several times to make her walk “the bass-line”, nope ! ) (but then she was a cat, not a dog…).
    A few occasions, she made quite a number of rounds up and down the keys, and then making some rather strange sounds (like: Oink-iik-croooarrrr oooink ? and so on..)
    Didn’t have a camcorder those days……..
    Around the age of 5, she retired as a “piano player” . Tried (very gently) to convince her of making comeback, but NO ! Instantly, her body-language told us: Don’t you ever do this to me ….!
    Sometimes, when I played a few notes, she would sit at the upper keys, watching for a while. She never “played” again, despite my efforts. I remember her “playing” as incredibly amusing and fascinating at the same time.
    Nora is simply FABULOUS !
    Maybe Nora is missing Helmer, or ….?

    greetings from Norway

  28. Alex

    Dear Nora,

    Like your personal assistants said, even after your piano playing years are over, your videos will live on.

    And if I were you, I would NOT dread that time, when they have to end. No doubt, God has blessed you with a great deal of talent, and so I earnestly hope and think that He will adopt you and make you one of His personal pets.

    In the meantime, keep your videos coming! You bring nothing but goodness to your assistants, your feline siblings, and the millions of people who watch you play every day… like me.



  29. k-dub

    Apparently nora’s penchant for the notes C, D and E, @ times played simultaneously, reveal that re-incarnation is in fact a fact and that nora, quite possibly, is a jazz cat who is really a dog entrapped in a cats body, hence the cluster chord C, D, and E, which along with the power of the head roll, yields a sort of dominant 7 alt chord so common in jazz. I fully understand the message, “E”ntrapped, “D”og in “C”ats body “alt”ernate universe. please help u dig?!!

  30. Adrienne Mulligan

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Nora before! My male Balinese is in love with her… he cannot tear himself away when she is playing. And when it’s over and I’m scrolling to find other videos, he looks behind the screen, and all around, looking for her! Poor Howlie, is there a fan site so I can send a picture of his complete adoration? Adrienne

  31. Marcia

    I thoroughly enjoy the videos of Nora playing the piano. She seems to really enjoy the sound. I have shared these videos with friends on Facebook, but I certainly would like to buy a DVD of all her performances, including the one with the orchestra. It’s so charming, I just don’t want it to end! Is there a way to purchase a DVD?

    We love you, Nora!

  32. Seth Lucas

    I was just wondering ,before,when your master played the piano, did
    you dance to the music?Write back!

    Seth (age 9)

    • Nora

      Well, Seth, first of all, Betsy is really my personal assistant, not my master (although I’m sure there are times when she likes to think otherwise). 🙂 I never danced very much in the beginning. I guess I was always happier to be playing the piano, instead. But dancing is fun to do once in a while, especially when someone else is doing the playing.


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  35. grace

    Dear Nora-
    Love you, love you, love you! I have had many kittys thru-out my life, all sweet and of various talents! But to be a piano playing sweetie like you, what can I say? I have shared your videos with friends and family alike, and all adore you! Keep up the great “playing”! 🙂

  36. Gabriela

    Nora is really amazing! She´s really special and unique, because one can see she is interested in music indeed. One can notice she does want to play the piano. I like the the way she sits upright, like a pianist, and her playing technique is also correct: she does not hit the keys, but caresses them as a musician does!

    Greestings fropm Argentina!

  37. Kevin

    Nora…you are a world treasure. Your you tube videos warm my heart every time I see you and hear you playing your pianos. the concerto actually moves me quite deeply and I am sure you’re thrilled with what the arranger did with your piano solos! God Bless you, Nora. special girl! from an Australian fan!

    • Nora The Piano Cat

      That’s a good question. Although cats tend to sniff everything – it’s helps orient us to our surroundings – we also use our whiskers to pick up sound vibrations. In my case, laying my whiskers on the keys is a way to “hear” more of the sound of the piano.

  38. Alex

    A question for you… would it be possible for some of the videos of you that are on YouTube but not on here (an example being the “Extraordinary Animals” one) to be posted here? If not, I’ll be fine.

    Also, I noticed your very first video is less than 100,000 hits away from the 25,000,000 mark. Congratulations!

    • Irina

      Betsy and Burnell you extremely nice people. You have a a lovely warm home. Only in such wonderful people Nora could show her talent. You and Nora are wonderful!

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  40. Joan Dawson

    What a wonderful thing to see. Words can’t describe the happiness and laughter this Video brought to so many people. God Bless her. I just simply adore Nora. Love you Kitty Cat.

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